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Neck Pain

There are two main causes of neck problems that includes Neck pain and Neck stiffness.



Neck Pain:

Neck pain is often a more specific type of pain that could be accompanied by sharp pain on certain movement, especially rotation of the neck. In some bad cases, the pain would have pins and needles or numbness referring down one or both arms. A major discomfort while laying in bed may occur as well.

Neck Stiffness:

Neck stiffness could be hard to pin point, as it refers to a broad range of area from the upper back to the neck. It could vary in intensity from dull intermittent ache to a strong constant stiffness, and often associated with tension headaches or possibly migraines. It could be made worse by continuous bad postures.



Neck Pain:

Neck pain causes the neck vertebra to become misaligned pinching the nerve, which is often a result from a trauma such as car accident or sports injuries.

Neck Stiffness:

Neck Stiffness is often a result of long term poor postural positions. The vertebral misalignment in the mid to upper thoracic for most major cases, where most people are unaware with the misalignment in this region as well. The misalignment is often found between T1-T8 also known as ‘Thoracic spine’.

These misalignments causes a change in spinal posture, where the neck forwards compensation, which then causes the neck muscles to pull backwards.



Neck Pain:

Neck pain can be difficult to locate without correct analysis and x-rays. Although pain killers may relieve this pain, it is still not a good solution for more than a week. If pain persists after a week of the injury, it is best to seek professional help from a professionally trained chiropractor.

Neck Stiffness:

The systematic hands on examination of the spine or x-ray analysis would help to lead our professionally trained chiropractors to identify the exact cause of the neck stiffness. The cause may be down between the shoulder blades and not the neck.

Despite how stretching or massage can achieve temporary relief, the benefit gained is for only one week or less. It is important to change your work station which can often be a solution, however if the symptoms persist, it is best to get help from a professional chiropractor.


If Ignored

Neck Pain:

Wear and tear starts to set in as the misaligned vertebra places uneven stress on the vertebra above and below the misalignment. When neck pain is left untreated, it would eventually cause the pain to trigger down one or both arms in the form of pins and needles or numbness. This would then lead to needing neck surgery, due to the discs in the neck which would become protruded or prolapsed.

Neck Stiffness:

Neck Stiffness occurs when you wake up in the morning and you could hardly move your neck in all directions of movement. If Neck stiffness is left untreated, the neck muscles would get tighter and might go into a very painful spasms that is known as torticollis. The stiffness would become more regular and last longer, hence it is best to seek help from a professional chiropractor immediately.

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