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lower back pain

Lower Back Pain

The two main causes from lower back pain are Lumbar Misalignment, and Pelvis Misalignment which can also be attributed to pinched nerve.


Pelvis Misalignment:

There are many symptoms when there is a misalignment on your Pelvis area, these include pain that refers to the groin that affects your ability to walk, causing major discomfort at all times. It is a lower back ache that would get worse the more you walk, even while standing for long periods of time. The pain often triggers the hip or buttock area, where in some worse cases affects the thigh to knee area as well.

Lumbar Misalignment:

Lumbar misalignment is often known as ‘pinched nerve’, which can vary in intensity from local pain to sharp strong shooting pain. The early symptoms includes pain upon walking and flexion when you are bending forward. The pain also triggers during or after sitting on the couch or car, as well as getting out of the chair.

In some bad cases, pain also triggers as you cough or sneeze, when there is pain shooting or referring down to the thigh and leg, which is also known as Sciatica. The debilitating back pain would majorly impact your standing position.



Pelvis Misalignment:

The three main reasons why Pelvis misalignment occurs are due to twisting injuries, repetitive twisting and standing on uneven surface.

The pelvis misalignment causes inflammation to the Sacro-iliac joint, similar to spraining your ankle. Effectively causing irritation to the nerves in the area that can cause local ache or travelling pain.

Lumbar Misalignment:

Lumbar misalignment is usually caused by activities such as lifting heavy items, repetitive lifting, twisting and lifting, and fall or trauma. The lumbar misalignment causes inflammation and pressure in the disc. This would then cause pressure on the neighbouring spinal nerve, which will cause pain locally and in bad cases the pain referred to ‘sciatica’.



Pelvis Misalignment:

Once the position of the pelvis misalignment is identified, the pelvis adjustment is done in the opposite direction to replace the joint back to it’s normal position in order for the muscle to function normally. You can usually get some temporary relief by sitting and resting, however, it is best to seek professional assistance immediately.

Professionals would be required to do a careful examination of the pelvis alignment by using postural analysis, x-rays, line drawings and static pain findings, which would lead to a diagnosis and conclusion of how the pelvis needs to be corrected. Professional intervention will help reduce the time that takes for your body to heal itself.

Lumbar Misalignment:

Professional intervention will help reduce the time it takes for your body to heal itself. You could get some temporary relief by walking along with gentle activities. A specific correction called an ‘adjustment’ is used to re-place the vertebra into the correct position when the cause is identified.

Systematic hands on examination of the spine, with the help of x-rays and specialised instruments would help to lead our specially trained chiropractors to precisely locate the exact vertebra that is misaligned causing pressure on the nerve.


If Ignored

If Lumbar misalignment or Pelvis misalignment conditions are left untreated, it would gradually get worse and also become more difficult to fix. This often results in more visits and also a higher final treatment cost. In addition to that, these conditions may effect your hobbies, daily activities and create uneven stress on the lumbar discs that causes osteoarthritis that would eventually lead to permanent damage that requires spinal surgery.


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