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Mid-Back Pain

The two main issues that cause mid-back pain includes Rib Misalignment and Thoracic Misalignment, which is also known as pinched nerve.


Rib Misalignment:

Rib misalignment is less common in comparison to Thoracic Misalignment, as it often causes shooting pain that usually refers around the side or front of the chest. This is often noticed when you are breathing, sneezing, or coughing. In mild cases, there is a slight discomfort where patients often remark as not being able to get a full breath in.

Thoracic Misalignment:

Thoracic misalignment is often known as a pinched nerve between the shoulders, which can vary in terms of the intensity of local pain to sharp strong shooting pain.

The early symptoms includes Muscular stiffness and tightness, decreased range of motion on the shoulders, pain on sneezing or coughing, as well as, discomfort between the shoulder blades at night. In some bad cases may also causes headaches or migraines, where there is pain shooting or referring up to the neck, shoulder/s and arms on movement. It could also cause a referral of pain around the chest.



Rib Misalignment:

Rib Misalignment occurs when one of the rib head becomes subluxated (misaligned) from the thoracic vertebra that is connected to. This would then cause pinching and irritation to the thoracic nerve, as it exits the spine. It is often caused by the compression trauma to the rib cage, twisting injuries, and sports injuries.

Thoracic Misalignment:

The thoracic misalignment causes inflammation and pressure in the disc, subsequently causes pressure on the neighbouring spinal nerve, which causes pain locally or in severe cases pain on the shoulder, neck, or rib cage.

It is often caused by activities such as poor work station body posture, falls or trauma, lifting heavy items and repetitive lifting, twisting, or bending.


Rib Misalignment:

Rib misalignment is challenging to obtain any kind of relief at home. However, putting an ice pack on the affected area, using the ice pack; on for 10min, then off for 10min may help temporarily relieve symptoms. This condition generally requires professional intervention if the symptoms does not improve over a period of three days.
This is quite similar to Thoracic Misalignment, where a professionally trained Chiropractor would able to identify if the pain is being caused by misalignment in the thoracic spine, rib cage, or as a result of fracture.

Thoracic Misalignment:

Thoracic misalignment can be identified by a professional chiropractor to help replace the vertebra into the correct position. Professional intervention would help reduce the time for your body to heal itself. Our systematic hands on examination of the spine and x-rays and specialised equipment would help to locate the exact vertebra that is misaligned causing the pressure on the nerve.

You might be able to obtain relief by laying on the floor flat on your back, or try using a thin pillow to stretch the ligament out in the front of the thoracic spine. However, it is best to seek professionals to get it fix immediately before the condition gets worse.


If Ignored

Rib Misalignment:

Rib misalignment is caused by long standing rib problems, that often get mis-diagnosed for Asthma, as they can cause issues with respiration especially while exercising. If the condition is left untreated, the rib misalignment can gradually get worse and may start affecting physical activities.

Thoracic Misalignment:

Thoracic misalignment often causes shoulder issues such as frozen shoulder. If the condition is left untreated, Thoracic Misalignments would start to cause wear and tear of the thoracic discs and joints. The pain would then increase and become more frequent, or maybe even constant. As the condition worsens, it would also start to cause Headaches and Migraines.


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